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  • anotherniki ·
    I don't if you remember me but I had bought 4 pairs of HIDs from you while back when I used to have my Passat. Now that I have moved on with Vdubs, I was wondering, do you still sell those HIDs? I need 2 pairs for my Ford Focus, Mustang, and Supra.


    (btw since I don't really come here often please shot me an email at [email protected])
    turbo_rex ·

    I bought a VVMW HID kit awhile ago for my b6 Passat, but I'm having one helluva time with getting the plastic base HID bulbs to seat properly in the housing...

    Is there a trick to modifying the bases of the bulbs so that they clip in properly? Right now, I get scattered light from both lights because the bulbs aren't sitting in their forward position all the way, and I've wrenched on em as best as I can to get them to sit properly...

    I imagine I'll have to grind the plastic base to be flatter so it sits in the housing properly, but maybe you know better than I?

    boriquais ·
    hey I saw your diy, but I guess im too late for the pictures. im in the same boat as you. no one will redrill my wheels. so I was going to do it on my own. I was wondering what drill bit you used and particularly what bit you used to countersink it. i will shoot you an email as well.
    Flatman ·
    Just want to confirm price and availability on:
    Single beam with slim ballast and free relayed harness
    4300K, H7 for a Passat B5.5
    is it: $65 + 4% = $67.60 shipped?
    I'll send you the paypal right away if correct price and you've got them.
    Thanks! Flatman
    corradog60stage4 ·
    hid needs 30 seconds to 45 seconds to start up. they cannot be on instantly. no if you want to run drl you need to relay them to get full 12 volts, DRL outputs about 8 volts not enough to start the bulbs. HID are either on 100% full power or not on 0% power. they cannot be used like halogen at 60% brightness with 8 volts.
    kowki ·
    Hi: New member. Would like to get the 4300K kit for both hi and lo beams for B5.5 passat if the high beams are almost instant on for momentary "flash to pass" use.

    Also considering the kit for my 1993 Audi usS4 for 9005 and 9006, also at 4300K. I would like to run DRLs on both cars, so would I have to get 55W kits for both?

    jkl0078 ·
    I purchsed a mcculloch hid kit from you last year i believe. I am having trouble with one of side of the kit, i believe the problem is within the small plastic box leading from the silver metal box to the lights. any help on where i can get a new one or anything would be great.
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