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  • Christian P ·
    Thanks, too bad I don't have a Passat or CC to put them on.

    Dubest thing about rims is they are Manufacture bolt pattern specific. I'd love to put these Inox rims on my Lincoln but the bolt patter on my MKZ is 5x114.3 as compaired to a Passat bolt pattern of 5x112.
    longboard ·
    Just saw this. Unfortunately, I don't qualify. I do admire you and your comrades, however. Can I be a supporting member?
    longboard ·
    Thanks for expressing interest. Sorry, I just noticed this. I like to read, but the mods have stifled dissent via means both direct and indirect. Every time I criticized U.S. military policy, or Israel, or called people on what I considered racist posts, or challenged the mods for abusing their authority and banning people who disagreed with them, I got the scarlet letter of red dots on my posts. If they are going to be that petty on here, I don't know how low they might stoop in real life.
    Mister T ·
    Unless you meet in a parkinglot with knives or fight with Camery parts, your having a yeshivah elementary school fight to see who can knock off the other person's kippah first.

    PM him your address and meet at midnight to settle this once and for all.

    Weren't we going to have a PW rumble anyway? Maybe we could roll this in and make it a Royal Rumble?
    Christian P ·
    Pson is my only friend. I asked the Greek but he said that until I get banned 5 times I can't be his friend. Rusty will be my friend after I shank the woman driver that hit Scott's Passat. This is a tough club to get into. Club B5 is larger than the Riverside Crips.
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