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  1. Throttle issues

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    Thanks for pointing the good chap in the right direction! But i actually sold the skyline on due to poor 1/4 mile times and have since gone for a 320BHP evo 3 which is keeping me amused to say the least, I'm expecting great things from her!
  2. Scary power passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    God dammit, when i had a few serious issues with the skyline not long ago, i had some serious though about getting the passat back from the dealer i traded her in at. In anger I phoned up Jabbasport enquiring about passat stuff, and i found out that for the extra cash i spent on the skyline over...
  3. Goodbye Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm from scotland, i bought the car from a local importer! It is the RB25DET (R33) under the bonnet, the reason i didnt buy the standard GTR is as this particular one makes more BHP, plus the lack of 4WD, ensures less drag for me. The GTR interior is a bit shite too IMHO! RB26DETT is all very...
  4. Goodbye Passat

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Wel i'm afraid your all going to hate me for this one, after having finally put up with enough of the passats nonsense, i decided to get rid of her and turn traitor (and bought a ricer mobile) I'm afraid i'm living in skyline territory now:D But with 300BHP on tap, i'll never look back. I...
  5. Big Problems

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    Thanks very much for the advice, is that the sensor in the bottom radiator hose?
  6. Big Problems

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    I forgot to mention, fuel pump relay is ok, i've had it out dissasembled it and cleaned it up fine (its my job dont worry), plus the fuel pump is still running when the engine dies? My timing belt is due for a change soon! And lastly my oil pressure light came on, but went out after shutting...
  7. Big Problems

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    Hey guys and girls, i've been away for a while, but now i'm back! Having big trouble with the passat b5.5! The boost would die every time i was driving when the engine gets hot, so i got the air flow sensor replaced, everything seemed fine for a while, but now as opposed to boost dying, the...
  8. Water ingree woes (not another samey thread)

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    Right, my car is still leaking, i've found nothing in the engine bay that could cause the problem, so i removed the back seats as they were soaking through also. Right, there is a pool of water ontop of a gromet where the wiring passes through the bottom of the car on each side of the underside...
  9. Anything possible????

    B5 Garage This is the link to the scariest and most brutal looking engine i have ever seen. Check out that TURBO!!!!!!!! A golf with a 1000BHP achievement on the 2litre!! :Yikes: :Yikes: :Yikes: :Yikes: :Yikes: :Yikes:
  10. AWM detailed specs

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    I saw this on VWFIXX.COM and thought it might help people with some of the finer details they didnt know! Apparently my passat comes with 170BHP standard and a K03S Turbo! I'm happy if thats true according to my engine code AWM!! 1.8T Discussion Forum Engine Code AWD...
  11. Ideas really appreciated

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    Hey its a 2001 1.8T, yeah all pipes checked ok connection wise! Strangely enough, the boost has just cut back in at lunchtime and all seems to be working ok for the time being. I am being troubled by a crazy amount of air leaks though, the company that badly did the intercooler didnt fit pipes...
  12. Ideas really appreciated

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    Got rid of my air box, and fitted a cone filter, now i'm hitting limp mode again :( Why could this be?
  13. No Dump Valve

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    But i dont have an attitude? I agree we can all learn from eachother though :)
  14. No Dump Valve

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    Come on, thats not exactly arguing, thats right to freedom of opinion??
  15. No Dump Valve

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    Who have i argued with???? :crazy: