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  • BlackFist13 ·
    hello guys i have some 8.5J x 17 h2 ET-43 wheels i want to put on my 2002 vw passat but they are in another state and i am not sure what size adapter to get. can anyone healp?
    BlackFist13 ·
    !! I NEED HELP !!!
    My 2002 VW Passat wont crank and wont start since 3/28/19. i drove my car 50miles to work, and at the end of my shift i tried to start it and it wouldnt crank or start. so i push started it to advanced auto from my job at the NAVY Depo where i work, and they pulled a code P0688. Which the pocket scanner defined as "Module/ Powertrain control module power relay sense circuit / open. So i took my car to the dealer last because im not an auto electrician and assumed they would find the issue ASAP. The dealer has had my car since 4/1/19 until present and they still dont know what is wrong with my car. i spike to them today asking them to close my car up and that i am coming to get it. they told me they checked the ECM, the starter and several wires which is vague... they also said they jumped a relay called J484 "relay 484" and the car cranked but didnt start. i am picking my car up tomorrow... but need help, has anyone else had a problem like this and able to help me!
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