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  1. Interesting observation/possible solution for P0411

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Well I guess it is simply an example of how screwy the electronics can get on German cars.
  2. Interesting observation/possible solution for P0411

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So my 03 passat was throwing the lovely code for about the past 2 years now. The code appeared sometime after I purchased it from a dealership. Anyways, since we were selling the car, we changed the stupid headlights from HID to stock (the PO had made the mod and the lights were shoddy...
  3. Old enough to know better

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    Does this mean we don't need to break out the pocket 6" rulers? Sent from Free App
  4. One down 1 to go

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    Congrats man! This will be a relief my parents get in 4 years! Sent from Free App
  5. Old enough to know better

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    The rolling of his eyes was not needed. Honestly he doesn't know your financial commitments and therefore should at least keep his judgments mental. Great that he can afford the corvette with money daddy got him for graduation, but it doesn't mean that you can't enjoy your own lifestyle...
  6. Best weekend away with the girls! And my newest love STI!!

    Off-Topic Forum Saw this on twitter. Went well with this thread
  7. Welcome our newest moderator for Passatworld!

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    :excited: congrats man Sent from Free App
  8. F1 pitstops: 1950, and 2013.

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    That guy was a hammer bro for sure Sent from Free App
  9. Somebody siphoned 15 gallons of gas out of my Suburban

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    Get a fat bouncer to patrol. When he sees someone, he can sit on them till police arrive Sent from Free App
  10. Is it just me or does this story smell a little fishy?

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    New and improved eshlights and the ability to make your dollys even more life like. Hopefully they don't mind how you smell :D Sent from Free App
  11. College applications

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    Don't worry. I plan on taking something fun like photography. Tyler school of art is apparently really good. And I hear artsy broads are quite fun Sent from Free App
  12. College applications

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    Bioengineering. I'm excited. Plus, I chose it also on wanting to experience city life. I'm tired of staying in a suburban setting and just want a new flavor Sent from Free App
  13. College applications

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    Well guys I am happy to report that I will be attending Temple University... I considered boston university but the money just wasn't there Sent from Free App
  14. I think my CEL went bad

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Rofl I remember that episode haha
  15. I think my CEL went bad

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Alright thanks for the reassurances guys. Car will get proper detailing when the weather starts hitting some decent 40-50 degree temps but I'm going to stick to the big wash things to remove the gunk all over it (its been accumulating since January 3rd). I wish the local Lexus dealership would...