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  1. Two (2) Continental ExtremeContact DW 225/45-17 (Bucks County, PA)

    Parts For Sale
    Have two of them for sale. About 10,000 miles on them, in good condition. Looks like they still have ~7/32" left on both: Appears to no longer be available at TireRack in this size: Asking $75 each/$150 for both, shipping via UPS Ground included. PayPal gift preferred. Send PM, or...
  2. Date a celebrity - Who would you date?

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    Charlize Theron -- classic beauty, and she actually has some brain cells under that blonde hair.
  3. Another health update..

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    Jeez, I need to drop in the OT more frequently...didn't even know you were ill, Ronnie. Glad to hear it's on the upswing! :thumbup:
  4. Did Luke Skywalker Die a Virgin?

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    LMAO! If you follow the series way past ROTJ and read all the books, he does indeed get married...
  5. Aww Harry.... :-( :-(

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    Ah, Ronny -- my condolences... :cry:
  6. San Francisco Fleetweek 2010

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    Awesome pics. I guess that ordinance trying to ban the Blue Angels never got anywhere, huh?
  7. East coast folks - ready for Hurricane Earl?

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    I've been tracking it since it approached USVI and PR. My boss is currently in USVI, but fortunately it didn't do much down there and he should be home soon. Only problem is TD-9 is on its heels, so I might find myself down there soon. Meanwhile, I've been working with NY state to figure what's...
  8. East coast folks - ready for Hurricane Earl?

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    Bah...been working this puppy since Sunday.
  9. This doctor treats you "just like family" - Oops..

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    I see this guy's ads in the in-flight mags all the time. x2 :lol:
  10. getting back into models

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    What about getting one of those electric ARF planes just to get yourself back into flying mode to build up the skills?
  11. New phone - LG Pop!

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    Awesome, good for you! Hope Steve and the kids are also enjoying the move. :)
  12. help out Ron! (VWGUY4EVER)

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    Just saw this now...Ronny, you've got money! Just pay it forward when you're in a position to help and someone else needs a helping hand...
  13. New phone - LG Pop!

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    Wait, Kathy -- did I miss something? You're in Germany full-time now?
  14. This just in...

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    Sounds like another Plaxico-style incident. Once you get out of NYC and NJ, carry laws are generally much more lenient and there's a whole bunch of folks out there who are convinced that they're going to be the next victim of a crime. (I have to look it up, but I believe Washington state is a...
  15. R.I.P. "Scotaku" (John Scofield)

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    Just saw this...jeez. +1 -- we used to have offline conversations now and sad.