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  • Acer617 ·
    hey man i just really wanted to know want the name of your font bumper (and wear can i get one) im talking about the B5
    jmg1685 ·
    hey Rick,

    I have the RS4 replicas on my car as well. Ran into a little problem rotating the tires yesterday and wanted to see if you could help. When tightening down the driverside wheel 2 of the "tuner lugs" stripped out cause it was done with an air gun. I drove it home with only three of them in. Before I took it down off the lift, I noticed that the tire wouldn't spin, not even in neutral. I loosened the bolts a little bit and it would spin, but they seemed not to be tight enough. I tightened them back up to 90 ft/lb and drove it home. On the way home for the first five minutes I could hear something scraping in that area, but then it went away. Almost like it had ground down whatever was scraping, I'm a little worried. I am going to get all new lugs all the way around but wanted some advice on which ones to get, if you knew why it is doing the scraping, and if that could cause a lot of damage from that short drive?
    codyo12 ·
    sorry to bother you but i can't find anything on how you did your headlights like the S5 and i was curious if you bought them or did them yourself?
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