DERK.B5.Passat 07:24 PM 06-03-2019
For my B5 Wagon I have a set of 17x8 et30 and was wondering if anybody is running the same setup. I will probably go with 215/40's. I know I will be poking about an inch past stock, but I'm wondering what peoples experience with them were for those who have run them. Did you have any rubbing issues. It will be on coilovers. I trying to decide if I'm going to order some oem control arms or the adjustable ones.

GrandpaBill 07:53 AM 06-09-2019
Hello Derk,
Here's a useful site: Custom rims, wheel tire packages
I think 40s are too short for a daily driver. Factories match tires to wheels for balance and can manage low profile tires. That is more difficult to do with aftermarket tires, especially below 50s. I don't think you will have any rubbing. My understanding of adjustable control arms is that they become necessary if you are so lowered you have excessive neg camber and can't align the front end. You will be about 8% below accurate speedo.

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