Okay- my daughter isn't shuddering and sputtering, her TSI is.

It seem to happen irregularly. She took it to the dealership which told her she should run premium gas in it and charged her $300 for a fuel injector cleaning (and $50 to put in a half quart of oil). Problem was gone for a couple of days, then returned.

She's been running premium in it since then- all from actual brand name stations; Shell, Mobile, not "Bart's Gas and Fresh Bait".

Occasionally she'll get an engine light (it's on right now) but then it will go off.

Her engine codes are ALL cylinders misfiring- P0301 - P0304. I'm going out on a limb and saying that's not right.

What should be the first step? Timing off?? I saw online a Rear Main. Not sure how that seal could cause all cylinders to misfire, but it's my first VW, so...

Suggestions anyone?