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RAH 09:02 PM 03-01-2004
Hi everyone, i decided to update this page and add some pics.

2001 1.8T 5speed, Satin Silver.



Monster mats
6th Switch
W8 sunroof console
Euroswitch with rear fog wiring
LED Flashlight mounted in trunk

Futur interior mods:

New headunit... and more
2001.5+ center console
Boost gauges
Turbo timer


Lowered on
18X8 HP Evo Hypersilver
225/40/18 Nakangs
20% charcoal tint all the way around
FK badgless grill
Hella HID projector headlights
Crystal clear corners
Chinese spec foglights with custom fab grill
12.3 inch big brake upgrade in front from EBC, slotted and dimpled
TT carriers
Stock size rotors slotted and dimpled from EBC
EBC Green Stuff brake pads all the way around
Racing brake fluid
Rear fog
Zender rear spoiler, filled, shaved and painted (no badge)
Chrome bulbs
Full front mask (only for long trips)
HID conversion kit
PIAA Ion Plasma yellow fogs
PIAA Ion Plasma yellow City lights

Futur exterior mods:

19 BBS LM (it will be a while :Rolleye: )


K&N air filter
Slilicone hoses
Revo chipped

Futur mods on motor:

Turbo upagrade, GT30R, FMIC and the rest that goes with


Thanks for comenting and enjoy

TX-B5.5 09:45 PM 03-01-2004
Good pics...that first one is bad A$$
What are you planning to do to her?

ACraig 09:50 PM 03-01-2004
What a sexy beast :bow:

RAH 01:25 AM 03-02-2004
TX-B5.5:in the futur, i plan (not sure when ) to lower it, wheels, sway bars, HID type lights, crystal clear corners chipped, exaust, and adding to the moonsoon system without taking the stock out.

Agraig, thanks for the comment m8, our 's are still the best .

t0adman 03:36 PM 03-02-2004
and heck of a job on the GTG. Sorry I couldn't stick around and guzzle a few cold ones with the crew. Keep me in the loop for future events. That Mt St Helens drive sounds great!

Oh, and good luck picking wheels. I'm doing the same thing now....decisions, decisions!

glxpassat 05:34 PM 03-02-2004

Looking good. Love the view in the first picture!!! Happy modding. Maybe we will see you at the gtg in Washington this summer? ttyl

PanaSSat24 07:41 PM 03-02-2004
Looking good and nice pics

SeattleReign 09:50 PM 03-02-2004
Oh yeah! Like that Satin silver I do! Very nice pictures RAH, that first one is perfect :bow: . It was good meeting you at the gtg and I can't wait to see what you've done to your baby at the next gtg @ St. Helens.

MustMoto 09:34 PM 03-03-2004
nice pics! hey my uncle lives in Ellensburg. I love it up there man! One of these days I want to take a road trip up there!
BTW I'm trying to organize a weekly get together, any suggestions? looks like you put together a good one up there. :bow:

RAH 10:45 PM 03-03-2004
Thank you guys for the props on the pics and the , i appreciate it .

MustMoto: The GTG was a combination of dedicated people, that's what made it happen. We had a good group of people at the GTG, lots of beautifull and .5 and a great location!!. Just put a post up and see what happens bro, if you have freaks in your area like us :oops: :-P , it will happen!! .
If you ever decide to do that road trip one day, give us some notice and we will try to meet you for a small GTG............Good luck..............Rah.

t0adman 02:27 PM 04-01-2004
Hey RAH, thanks for the kind post on my profile page. Haven't been here for a while, which explains the delay in replying. Good meeting you at the GTG at Red Hook and I hope to attend some more in the future. Can't wait to see what's next on your mod list!

RAH 07:52 PM 04-01-2004
Hey, thanks for the reply, no worries, i don't always go to mine either . I have a lot on my mod list, i just can't do it for a little while , but i hope to get some stuff done this year. I hope to see that 4 ring of yours at the Mount St Helens gtg, later bro....................... .

redb5sdca 04:52 PM 05-02-2004
Originally Posted by RAH:

TTT. That's a great car and picture :wink:. bump

RAH 09:07 PM 05-02-2004
Hey, thanks for the bump & props Redb5sdca, i love that pic too, i am going to go cruise up that way again soon for a great shot of Mount Rainier . I wish you could join us on June 19th for our Mt Saint Helen GTG, but that would be quite the cruise for you :roll: :-P , but i would love to see that of yours . I still want to see pics of the antenna work :wink: .

redb5sdca 10:57 PM 05-02-2004
OH shit I forgot all about it thanks for reminding me I will get em up soon

Barnacle-Billy 08:51 AM 05-06-2004
RAH - love the lines of the silver B5 against Mt. Rainier!!!!! Nice pics. I owned an indigo blue B5, and I was sad to see it go.


RAH 01:56 PM 05-06-2004
I just love Mount Rainier, it just looks awsome, and i get a great daily view of it, i'm only 40 miles from the Paradise entrance . I would hate for it to pull a mount St Helens :suspicio: . Thank you for the props Bill, and i LOVE the indigo blue on the first , they did look awsome, but a new Colorado Red is sweeeet too .

croman 09:45 PM 05-06-2004
RAH: very nice lookin...

wanna come detail my baby?

RAH 12:37 AM 05-09-2004
, if your in town, be glad to give you a hand bro

RAH 11:58 AM 05-25-2004
Hello Fellow B5er’s;

I am sending a quick reminder note to all of our B5er’s from the Northwest including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Colombia and some of North California, regarding our June 19th (Saturday) Get Together at Mount St Helens, Washington. I apologize to the ones that are already signed up; I cannot screen all the names while I send so many pm’s. Here is the link to sign up and all the information’s for that day. There will be free shirts for the first 20 to sign up, a raffle, picnic, cruise, Etc… Please view the link; it is going to be a lot of fun.

If you have any other questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Lurkertom, SeattleReign or myself Rah, or reply to me thru this PM. If you need, here is my E-mail Address as well [email protected]

Sign up!!!! B5’s, fun, food, and great people to meet……Regards……Rah.

redb5sdca 10:01 AM 05-30-2004
ttt :-P

RAH 03:24 PM 05-31-2004
A-Tiller-the hun 07:35 PM 06-05-2004
looks nice, now start modding...

SeattleReign 08:03 PM 06-05-2004
36.5 posts per day in 10 days since joining....? Talk about post whoring :wink:

Bump for a sweet

RAH 04:34 PM 06-13-2004
, i am a whore aren't i . anyways, thanks for the bump Alex, can't wait to see your baby at the GTG, with the drop, maybe the wheels too

slimebucket 06:31 PM 06-13-2004
The one of it slammed is nice, but it is TO low, raise it about 1 inch, may it will look better!

Nice car, and I love the satin silver!

Rich :wink:

SeattleReign 08:28 PM 06-13-2004
I like the lowered look but not the slammed. You would be scraping on everything with it that low.
I like the stickers, they look pretty good, although the silver looks white in your pictures. I will decide by Friday what color I'm going to go with, and if I want to do two stickers. I've taken all day Friday off to fully detail my and go see Josh Decker at Achtuning to get T-shirts.
Your B5 is still looking good bro.

RAH 11:30 AM 07-06-2004
Thanks Alex, your post on this one was on June 13th, i have not looked at this page in a while :-P

shadybaby 09:19 AM 07-12-2004
Looks good, can't wait till september when i get up there to WA, I am moving to Oak harbor Sept 20. We should GTG...

RAH 01:41 PM 07-12-2004
Shadybaby: Let us know when you are all moved in and settled or ready for a GTG, we'll make one happen, even a mini GTG

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