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Weigh-in (3/1/10)

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by , 03-01-2010 at 08:22 AM (2103 Views)
This AM:


That's a solid two pounds for the week and I know I didn't do as well as I could have done this weekend. Overall I'm happy with it because that's the pace I need to keep in order to lose 20+ over the 12-weeks that I'm doing this.


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    Not bad bro...keep it up. My 2/28 weigh in:


    Back in the gym yesterday after a month break.

    10 minute warm up

    1a Dumbell Step ups
    1b Dumbell Bench Press
    2a Dumbell Row
    2b Scaption
    3a Cannot remember the name of this one...lol
    3b Planks

    10 minute run 5.5 mph @ 3 incline
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    ummmm....care to update :poke: