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by , 06-25-2012 at 07:12 AM (1410 Views)
Part of the other message is as follows: Fluid level stand pipe is located in the pan, right inside of the threaded plug hole. Screws in first before the plug is installed, it is in the same hole as the plug, but goes into the pan plug hole first, then the plug screws into the hole. Hand tighten only on the fluid level stand pipe. The gray elbow that is located on the lower front of tranmission, is the fill plug. It comes with a red cap that splits in half at the seem opening, that red cap must be removed before you can pull the transmission fill hole plug out. To remove the oil fill plug, it must be squeezed together opposite of the clip retainers that are on the inside catch of the filler tube elbow. These are like interlocking tabs that keep the plug on the filler tube elbow. Fluid fill isn't an option on all of the transmission models.