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T minus 1 month until build

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by , 03-04-2010 at 04:57 PM (2228 Views)
After careful planning I have ran into money issues that will be rectified by month end or I will scrap a few goodies. tough cookie!

-South Performance Boost guage -Purchased
-Samco TIP -waiting to purchased
-ECS strut bearings -Purchased
-Blisteins (used but in great shape) -Purchased
-TT DV -Purchased
-3' dow-BFI 4 bar FPR -purchased
-K&N drop -in filter -Purchased
-ECS stuby antenna -Purchased
-ECS green temp sensor -Purchased
-ECS T-belt/water pump kit -Purchased
-race downpipe - waiting to purchase
-Revo -waiting for rest of stg 2 stuff
-SPS 3 waiting to snag from guy on vortex
-K04-15 -waiting to purchase/possible scrap
-Pullies -scrapped

Anyway the issue(s) from last blog have been addressed i.e. emissions - not including one new thing popping up i.e. some idiot was so kind to leave a small dent on rear passenger side fender

Okay I spoke with a couple buddies that drive 5/6 speed GTI's that are chip'd. They say the tip tranny will not be able to handle stg2 w/out some sort of tip software - Are there opinions true? & if they're true - can I mix software programs?

Next post I will put some pics up of ride & goodies - Just have not had the time.