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Exceptional Passat Photos

Exceptional Passat Photos 14 - toastermcfunk

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by , 04-17-2009 at 02:19 PM (3078 Views)
This photo really stands out. [B]toastermcfunk[/B] choosed to get a little more experimental with this one - and that's rare. Most people don't even think about tilting the camera but as you can see, it can give your photo some interesting touch.


What I like about this one, is that the photo is neither showing a detail nor the whole car. It was a good decision to cut off a part of the car - but I would have tried to show the whole tires (i.e. letting the car sit on the bottom of the photo).

The clean car and the nice light reflecting in the paint do the rest to build an exceptional photo. In addition the photo is divided in two parts: 2/3 on the left (car) and 1/3 on the right (background) - which is the perfect ratio. ;)


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    i like photo..
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    toastermcfunk ..
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