This mod is very easy to do. The hardest part is finding a place which can do a good job painting without emptying your wallet. I paid $65.


Torx T-6 driver

Torx T-20 driver

Small flat head screw driver


1.Use the T-6 drive to tighten the 4 very tiny screws which hold the chrome into the handles.
2.For the REAR DOORS gently peel back the rubber gasket on the end of the door just below the handle. As you can see I pulled too hard and released one of the white clips holding the gasket. See fig 1.

3.Using the T-20 drive start loosening the screw until you can pull out the lock plug. DO NOT remove the screw. See fig 2..

4.Release the cable from the handle that opens the door lock by prying out the back tab with the screw driver.. See fig 3.

5.Gently slide the old handle out by pulling back towards the rear of the car and away from the door.

6.Remove the rubber gasket from the front of the old handle and place it on your new handle. See fig 5.

7.Replace the new handle in the door. The black plastic butt at the end of the door lock cable is snapped into the end of the handle.
8.Replace the lock plug and tighten the large screw with the T-20 driver.
9.For the FRONT DOORS follow steps 2-8 except there is no gasket to move. There is a black plastic plug that needs to be removed to access the screw. See fig 5

10.Should take you 20-30 mins for all four doors.
11.Here is the final product.