where is the starter located on my 2002 passat
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    where is the starter located on my 2002 passat

    I just got my car back from a mechanic who replaced the oil pump and pickup tube/screen. It was clogged with the sludge stuff. That problem fixed and it ran nicely until today. I went to the supermarket and now it won't start. At all. The lights all come on so it appears that there is juice, and the battery is not old. There is just silence from the engine. I am wondering if something on the starter got loose and disconnected? Or did the starter die? It never did give any indications that the starter or flywheel were going out. But something did.

    Right now the car is still in the supermarket carpark and I am trying to get a local mechanic to go see if he can get it going. At the moment, no one has availability so I am trying to see if I can figure it out myself, but I obviously do not know where to even look.

    Anyone that can help point me in the right direction, I'd much appreciate it.

    Not sure if it matters, but the guy who did the oil pump work also replaced the passenger side cv joint/shaft/boot thingy. It's now making strange noises, especially in reverse. Is there a breaking in time for that part??

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    Is it an auto or manual trans? If it's a manual you can have someone push it while you try to catch it in gear. I would imagine that the mechaic that worked on it didn't tighten the wires enough, and something came loose.

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